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La cité de la peur

Review by: Plop

Rating: star star star star star

#it rocks


Review by: vincent

Rating: star star star star

Cool movie, good action. Keeps you thoughful for a few days.

good movie

Review by: herman

Rating: star star star

not bad


Review by: Luis Ribeiro

Rating: star star star star star

Not bad.


Review by: Mario Ganni

Rating: star star star star star

The film has real insights to offer: the cast powerfully convey the journalists’ horror at realising the abuse stretches back decades or even centuries and also how abuse is as much about power as sex and that homosexuality is beside the point: the abusers have evolved the choice of boy victims because boys are reticent, more likely to swallow their shame and not speak out. A powerful story.

The Last Samurai

Review by: Jane Richards

Rating: star star star star star

Edward Zwick’s “The Last Samurai” is about two warriors whose cultures make them aliens, but whose values make them comrades. The battle scenes are stirring and elegantly mounted, but they are less about who wins than about what can be proven by dying. Beautifully designed, intelligently written, acted with conviction, it’s an uncommonly thoughtful epic. Its power is compromised only by an ending that sheepishly backs away from what the film is really about.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Review by: Marko

Rating: star star star star star

Verry funny animated movie

Suicide Squad

Review by: Joker

Rating: star star star

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

The Little Prince

Review by: eyecool

Rating: star star star star star

It was really good.

Finding Nemo

Review by: Eduardo

Rating: star star

It was okay.


Review by: Joe Blogs

Rating: star star star

If you know nothing else about Inception, at least know this: it is not a trick. It is ingenious but not crafty, knotty but not duplicitous. It has neither Memento’s method conceit nor the smoke and mirrors of The Prestige. To contrast it with the latter, in particular (fine film though that is), is to appreciate the difference between stage-magic and a real miracle.